BannedBooksWeek2017In this week’s column in the O’Fallon Weekly, Adult Services Manager, Renny McBride, reminds patrons that words have power and we should proudly join other readers, writers, publishers, librarians, and journalists to support the freedom of ideas in the annual Banned Books Week.

Many patrons I’ve spoken to this week have been surprised to find one or more of their favorite reads have been at risk of being removed or restricted by a person or a group.

1 Banned contestYou can participate in our celebration of Banned Books Week by using your sleuthing and literary skills to identify which banned or challenged book is on our display across from the Magazine reading room.

It sounds easy until you learn that the 8 books have been shredded and placed in its own Mason Jar.  Each correct title you guess, earns you an entry into the drawing for one of three prizes: a banned books tote bag or one of the two banned books coffee mugs.

You must enter by closing time, 5 PM Sunday, Oct 1.  Winning entries will be drawn Monday, Oct. 2.

Another reason to come to the library this Saturday, Sept. 30, at 9:30 AM is to attend Querying Editors and Self-Publishing a presentation by Katherine Murray, author of 19 books. She will show you a how-to guide on querying agents and editors, as well as teach you how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.  Katherine Murray has been writing fiction for adults for eight years. In 2012 she signed a multi-book deal with Penguin Random House. 

1 writing.pngCome for the presentation and stay for the monthly meeting of the O’Fallon Writing Group at 10:30.  The group welcomes adults who want to write, whether you are a published author or a novice. Just bring your favorite pen, paper, or laptop, and enjoy a supportive community and an opportunity to write, think, explore, create, and learn from other writers.

Looking ahead, Renny announces another upcoming contest – pumpkin decorating based on a literary theme or book character.  Details will be provided soon, but please, no carved pumpkins.  You can go wild with other craft supplies though.


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