The O’Fallon Public Library had its first Adult Writing Contest this summer showcasing the writing skills and passions of area writers, ages 18 and up.

Over 80 entries were received between June 1 and midnight, August 1. Winners were selected by a 4-person panel of judges and were announced August 21.

Booklets will be printed and available for purchase (details forthcoming!). Visit our website to read the other winning entries.


Best Poem: “Symphony By The Sea”

By Frances Lewis


As creation trumpets its arrival

The Maestro raises his moon baton

And the symphony of the sea begins!

The ocean mix becomes a delightful kaleidoscope–

sound, rhythm and color.

Ballerina breakers leap to a crystal crescendo

Before bursting upon the beach.

Waltzing waves accompany the swinging swells leaning seaward,

and the blues movement sways to and fro.

Singing streamlets run down the sand to join the reoccurring theme.

The sea spray harmonizes with the sunshine

Creating a jeweled, but resting rainbow.

Eons and humans pass and the musical magic of the sea continues

in the never-ending symphony of a million movements.

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