Loved Emma Watson in Harry Potter? Go see her take on a different role-Belle-in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Everyone knows the story…the beautiful but eccentric daughter of an inventor takes her father’s place in a magical castle as prisoner. There she encounters a hideous Beast who terrifies her soul. A beast who was once a prince but had a spell cast on him by an enchantress.

But wait….is there something more than the scary exterior? Join Belle on her journey to discover the person underneath all the hair and horns.

A great family movie or even a date-night movie, Beauty and the Beast reminds us all that beauty is found within. As a bonus there are some great songs by well-known actors (Ewan MacGregor anyone?) and beautiful scenery to enjoy throughout the movie. Lovers of the original animated feature will be enchanted with the additional songs and scenes that the live action version provides. Even skeptics of this movie will fall in love with the characters (or at least enjoy the action scenes!)

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