Circulatofallon-weeklyion manager Michael King penned this week’s column in the O’Fallon Weekly and answers some questions about the construction next door to the library as well as update on new titles and our Special Selections display.

First, the construction underway is Lincoln Park Villas, affordable apartments for people 55 and older.  This will include extending Civic Plaza behind GCS Credit Union then loop back to Lincoln giving us another vehicle entrance and exit.  The estimated completion of the project is one year.

Also, Michael wrote about the new express books (7-day checkout limit) that have been added to the collection. Titles include:

These and many others are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Because of their high demand, there are no renewals and only 2 at a time may be checked out.

You may want to consider getting on the waitlist by logging into your account on our website or asking a staff member to request it for you.

In addition to the express books, we have other new fiction as well.  You may enjoy reading:

You can find these and many more titles in the Marketplace on the first floor.

As always, you can read Michael’s entire column in the O’Fallon Weekly on newsstands each Wednesday or online.

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