This week’s column in the O’Fallon Weekly, by Youth Services Manager Teri Rankin, announces the outdoor children’s garden will be opened and the chess set will be return in the coming week.  And on a related note, if your child likes to play or wants to learn to play, the Chess Club is facilitated by Charlie Knoth, a former high school champion.  It meets the third Saturday of each month.

Also, April is National Poetry Month and the Youth Services Department is hosting a program entitled “Poem in Your Pocket DaySaturday, April 22, at 10:30 AM.  Students in 1st-6th grade will make either a pocket or a rocket to hold poems they will give to friends and family on National Poem in Your Pocket Day, Thursday, April 27.  During the event, there will be drawings for poetry books and other prizes.


Teri lists some recommendations of poetry kids love, but you can also visit the library and check out the poetry books for children, young adults, and adults in our Special Collection in the Marketplace.

Teri also announced that online registration for the Summer Reading Program 2017 – Reading by Design! will begin May 30 and the kick-off event is June 3 at 10:30 AM at Katy Cavin’s Community Center.  More details will be available by May 1st.

Until then, you can keep up with other Library News through our website or like us on Facebook.

Check us out in the next issue of O’Fallon Weekly online or on the stands each Wednesday.


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