ofallon-weeklyIn case you missed the Library column in the most recent O’Fallon Weekly here’s a short summary.  Naturally, you can come into the library and read March 22 edition in our quiet Magazine Room with the calming water wall.

Mag Room

You’ll probably want to read the entire article because O’Fallon Public Library Director Molly Scanlan details exactly how your tax dollars are used.

Molly Scanlan wrote, “The Library is the only city department that is completely reliant on property taxes. We do not receive sales taxes, income taxes, or any other kind of taxes that make up some of many departments budgets.”

Be it technical assistance with computer access, buying books, notary services, or children’s literacy program, the OFPL uses your tax dollars to serve the community in a variety of creative ways.

For example, you can check out preloaded Nooks and tablets, DVD players, Rokus and other equipment.  We offer a wide range of classes to help educate and keep our patrons healthy including yoga, healthy eating classes, book clubs, and a wealth of resources through the library website from homework help and educational databases to free access to Morningstar, Consumer Reports, Ancestry.com, and Rosetta Stone just to name a few.

The renovation that was made with the library’s reserve funds has made our library a more comfortable and inviting environment.  “In addition, the Library has been very proactive in the last five years cutting staff benefits so we would not have to cut services to the community.”

We invite you to read more about how the library uses your tax dollars, please pick up a copy of the March 22 O’Fallon Weekly.  To learn more about our many programs visit our website or like us on Facebook.

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