The kind folks at The O’Fallon Weekly ofallon-weeklyprovide space for us to keep you informed of the new and upcoming events here at the O’Fallon Public Library.  Last week’s column unveiled our new ‘brain-fitness’ database and other activities such as our zumba, yoga, and running groups.

1brain-hq-brain-trainingBrainHQ is a “…an online suite of 27 exercises with over 840 levels of training organized around the 6 core cognitive areas of Attention, Brain Speed, Memory, People Skills, Intelligence and Navigation.  It only takes about 20 minutes of your day,” explained our fearless leader and Library Director, Molly Scanlan.  It’s free for O’Fallon Public Library card holders.  For more information and to access the site visit our library web page and click on the tab “Research” then “Specialty Resources” from the drop down menu.

So, to ward off the ravages of aging or just to give yourself a mental work out, check out BrainHQ from the comfort of your own home or here on one of our library computers.

Exercise and stress-reduction also help keep our bodies and minds healthy.  We host a wide variety of  fitness options to accommodate most ability levels.  Read about it in last week’s O’Fallon Weekly column or visit our website calendar for a list of activities and events.

Get your card and join your neighbors at your library to exercise, read, discuss, and relax!


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