No idea what to read next?  Here’s some suggestions from O’Fallon Public Library patrons!

thestrangerThe Stranger by Harlen Coben: From the first page of The Stranger, I was drawn in and didn’t want to put it down. I was always in suspense of what would happen next and constantly coming up with my own ideas for how the plot would advance. At times, the minor plot lines branching off from the main story line would leave me confused and felt a little unnecessary, but Coben adequately tied these separate plots together by the end of the book. Overall a fast-paced read that will leave the reader wanting more by this best-selling author. -HD




intothebeautifulnorthInto the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea: I’ve been working my way through books I purchased second hand, and this was one of them Nayeli is 14 years old, living in a small town in Mexico. The town has no men, that is, grown men, as they have all left to go look for work in America. Unfortunately, the men do not come back to Mexico, or send money as promised. One of the men was Nayeli’s own father. After watching the movie The Magnificent Seven, Nayeli gets the idea to go on a quest, so she gathers three friends to go to the U.S. to bring the men back home. Veronica, Vampi ( short for Vampira, because she likes to dress goth) , Tacho, a male friend who is gay, and Yolo ( short for Yoloxochitl). I am not sure what to call this: it was an adventure, a journey, with bits of comedy thrown in. There is Spanish sprinkled throughout the book, but I promise you will not need a dictionary to understand what is going on. I’m glad I found this gem.-Elizabeth

bellaandbeast.jpgBella and the Beast by Olivia Drake: I loved the exotic aspect of this domestic novel. What I mean by that is that other cultures were present within a regency novel that took place in London. It would be amazing to explore the home of an egyptologist. This novel was a cute twist on a fairytale, if you can’t guess which you probably haven’t been around much. It was a loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a beautiful spinster and a gruff, misunderstood Duke of Alywin. The female lead, Bella was intelligent and kind. She was a good contrast/ awakening for the grumpy duke. I do wish there had been more to Bella’s tattoos than just a ward against sickness, but oh well. The ending of this novel, while perfectly happy was quite rushed. It literally wrapped up in the last 20 minutes. I would recommend to fans of regency romances. -SB

Happy reading!

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