Wired to Create – Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind

by Scott Barry Kaufman & Carolyn Gregoire

I am so grateful to live in such a fertile era of scientific research and discovery especially as it pertains to the workings of the human brain.  It was just three decades ago I was taught in science class that if we didn’t learn a second language or demonstrate a particular skill or talent during our formative years, then we were doomed to stay in one lane and expect our brains to atrophy as we age.

Fortunately, this has been proven incorrect and we are now encouraged to learn new things especially during our golden years.  Wired to Create provides an accessible overview of how to tap into our own creativity by identifying key behaviors and personality traits.

Not only do the authors make a compelling case that we are all “wired to create,” they say creative self-expression “…can be a particularly powerful means of coping with life’s inevitable challenges.”  Furthermore, Kaufman and Gregoire state, “As with happiness, it seems that the more you strive for creativity, the less likely you are to achieve it….it works in seemingly mysterious and paradoxical ways, and rarely at our own convenience.”

The authors balance interesting examples of individuals such as Pablo Picasso, Thomas Edison, Michael Jackson, and many more, with the latest scientific findings.  This makes the book relatable, readable, and encouraging to those of us who may have put aside our desire or our confidence to create.

But we must remind ourselves that historically,

If you’re still no convinced, check out Christie Aschwanden’s  New York Times review.

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