theforgottenroomFourth in the Jeremy Logan series, The Forgotten Room is a thrilling mystery about a murder, a brilliant scientist, and what causes the mind to break.

Here’s what one of our patrons had to say about this read, which she read as part of our Summer Reading Challenge:

“This fast-paced novel kept me turning pages because of the cliff hangers at the end of each chapter. I felt, however, that the plot overall moved slowly and the first chapter was disconnected from the rest of the book. Just as a solution was being reached, a new problem arose, and that left me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what would happen.” -H.B.


Here’s Steven’s thoughts on the book from the blog, Slapdash & Sundry:

“I really like Jeremy Logan.  I’m hoping Lincoln Child decides to keep writing this character, and maybe to attempt to put out more books.  He works hard with Douglas Preston to do a Pendergast every year, and they also put out Gideon Crew books, so I know he’s busy.  But I just can’t help but wish Jeremy Logan would get more appearances.  I love his job, “enigmologist,” and I like his personality.

This book was a lot of fun.  I feel like I learned a little science along the way, but don’t feel like it was overdone to the point where it felt like a lecture.  The pacing was great, the action built well, and the denouement, while a little obvious, was still loads of fun to “live out” through the page.” -Steven

And finally, here’s Jaksen from Goodreads (see original review HERE):

“Loved this book, read it in two days.

I am a huge Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child fan. (They often write as a pair, and I’ve read a few done by Preston alone. This was my first Lincoln Child as a solo writer.) So when I saw this book available at my local library and read the title…

I shall admit, the title grabbed me, then the author – I could not resist. I love books in which old, weird buildings play a great part, even to the extent the setting becomes almost another character. Give me castles, decrepit mansions, underground catacombs, dilapidated farmhouses, abandoned factories, churches and schools and I am in reader’s heaven. I was in heaven reading this book.

Jeremy Logan, an enigmaologist – one who studies or investigates strange occurrences, including those which might include paranormal or preternatural events – is asked to look into the death of a distinguished scientist, or fellow, at a think tank in Newport, Rhode Island. Okay, Newport, oceanfront mansion meticulously described, a mysterious death, even more mysterious ‘goings-on’ in and around said mansion. Throw in a quiet, unassuming MC and a lot of creepy or weird side characters, and of course, the requisite attractive woman – well, you have to have a trope here or there – and you have a near-perfect and absolutely atmospheric suspense thriller. Or mystery, as I’m often not exactly sure how to classify the Preston/Child novels, whether done as a pair or as a solo work.

I’ll be honest. I sometimes hate to pick up a new Preston/Child or Preston (or now Child) book because anything else I have going – something literary or highbrow or supposedly so – gets tossed in a pile. (I am the same way about Ruth Rendell’s Inspector Wexford series.)

At any rate, from a Lincoln Child fan who must absolutely go get the first three books in the Jeremy Logan series, five stars.” -Jaksen

Stop by the library and pick up a copy of The Forgotten Room today!  If you enjoyed this book, some read-alike authors are: Clive Cussler, Stephen King, Mark Alpert, James Rollins, Michael Crichton, and Jeffrey Long. (See more suggested authors from NoveList Plus).

Thanks for reading.

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