joecrossFat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is one of the main reasons why I bought a juicer and have attempted to incorporate more plants into my diet. I’m not hardcore about it, but I try.

I didn’t know that Joe from that documentary is named Joe Cross and that he’s written multiple companion books for that film. This one, Reboot with Joe: Fully Charged, is excellent.

What I love about Joe is that he’s realistic. He doesn’t expect that he will eat perfectly for the rest of his life- he just wants to do the best that he can today then repeat the process tomorrow. He pushes the big lifestyle changers: diet, exercise, and rest but not in an extreme, unobtainable manner.

In addition to common sense ideas about health and diet, Joe has spent years building an online community to support those who are working on major life changes. When you read this book, you also read examples of people who have turned their lives around with juicing and exercise. It’s inspiring and could be life changing for many people.

I also like that Joe included some of his go-to juicing recipes towards the back of the book. I’ve tried quite a few different juices, but I haven’t found any that I particularly liked. It’s always nice to have some new options that have appealed to other people in the past.

If you enjoyed Reboot with Joe: Fully Charged, I highly recommend his two documentaries: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead & Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2. Also, I’d recommend the documentary Forks Over Knives which has a couple companion cookbooks out now.  If you’re looking for a book by a down-to-earth person who’s made simple changes to improve his overall health and fitness, look no further than Reboot with Joe.

Big thank you to NetGalley and the Goodreads First reads program for a copy of this book.  And, thanks for reading! -Heidi

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