My daughter hates to read (gasp!) so I’m always combing through the stacks and online looking for reading material for reluctant readers- like this book.

When Crocs Fly combines the sarcastic put downs and delivery of Garfield with the physical humor of Looney Toons. The jokes are mainly puns, misunderstandings, or a combination of both. The longest scenes are only two pages, so Pastis never really writes a story- it is more a collection of vignettes, which could be perfect for readers with shorter attention spans.

But, if your child is reading this, make sure that they have strong language skills. Whenever the crocs speak, their voice is written phonetically, which could be problematic for beginner readers. I think it’s the equivalent of trying to read cursive handwriting… just different enough to cause a problem.

Some beloved characters from other comics make very brief cameos in this. I won’t say which ones because that would ruin the fun!

Though I didn’t have any laugh out loud moments in this one, my favorite page was ‘The Trophy from the Ping Pong League’ (pg 85) where it’s labeled as ‘Best Participation by Someone in our League who can Breathe and has Participated.’ When Crocs Fly has clever ways of skewering reality, but I’m afraid that the more subtle jokes will go over the kiddie’s heads and I don’t think that adults would really enjoy this one. It’s clearly aiming for a younger set.

I’d recommend it for ages 10+, personally, but it really depends on the maturity level of the child reading it. Big thanks to Netgalley for the free digital copy of this book and thank you for reading! -Heidi

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