girl in the blue coat
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Yes, what you’re doing is wrong…but what if the very people who are defining the word are wrong themselves?

Hanneke keeps her family afloat by selling goods on the black market.  It’s illegal, yes, it’s her own way of saying no to the Nazi regime.  Especially since it’s the only way she knows to support her family, and the one person she loved, Bas, died on the battlegrounds of WWII.

Girl in the Blue Coat takes a deep look at what it means to be a rebel–the difference between going against the grain when the powers that be are wrong, and when perhaps they are not.  Hanneke must quickly decide how much she is willing to risk when a neighbor asks her to find something special on the black market–a missing friend.

“The only way out is through.”

This book is labelled YA, but it’s an excellent read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction or moral gray areas.  The second world war is not often looked at through the lense of Amsterdam, so author Hesse gives a rather unique view into the Holocaust and what loss looked like for countries outside of Germany.

While it’s an easy read as far as reading levels go, emotionally, it’s a tough one to get through.  As always, though, times of trouble are always worth remembering.

Thanks for reading!

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