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Can the same book have you laughing out loud and sobbing into your pillow?

Apparently, yes.  Winger by Andrew Smith tells the story of Ryan Dean West, a 14-year old junior attending a prestigious boarding school. He’s two years younger than his classmates, meaning high school just got a whole lot harder.

This book is cataloged as YA, but many adults have raved about it as well.  It strikes a sensitive chord, one managing to balance between hilarity and despair.  It’s over 400 pages long, but the story will have you flipping through pages faster than you ever have before.

It helps that the book is in a sort of journal format, so sketches “by Andrew” grace every few pages or so.  Andrew is an imperfect character, obsessed with…well, everything you’d expect a fourteen-year old boy to be obsessed with.  But his rounded personality makes it all the more enjoyable–and heartbreaking–to watch.

This book comes highly recommended, as it’s also been picked as one of our reads for our young adult book club.  If you’re not sure whether you need to laugh or cry, give it a go.

Thanks for reading!

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