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Is there really such a thing as a “clean break”?  Maybe you’ve gone through a rough breakup.  Petty arguments, childish feuds, long conversations…chances are, though, you’ve never gone through anything quite like the 13 presented here.

Jennifer Wright’s book It Ended Badly is aptly named; she takes the reader through what she calls the 13 worst breakups in history–spanning from Lord Byron to Oscar Wilde to, of course, Henry VIII.  You know it’s going to be good when the book opens with a Taylor Swift quote: “We are never ever getting back together.  Like, ever.”

The book is organized in a way to help out (or, at least make you laugh) about whatever you’re specifically going through).  Your family didn’t like who you were dating?  Learn about Giovanni Sforza.  Recently dumped?  Edith Wharton is for you.  Say something you regret?  Relate with Caroline Lamb.

Honestly, this book is great for anyone who wants or needs a laugh.  Some of the stories are truly horrible (Henry VIII, hello?), but at least you haven’t been through anything remotely similar…right?

Thanks for reading!

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