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Marcia Willet is the author of over thirty novels; loyal readers have come to love her characters in A Week in Winter, The Children’s Hour, and The Way We Were.  Now the writer–who didn’t turn to the profession until she was over fifty years of age–is back with a new book, Postcards from the Past.

The novel follows Billa and Ed, siblings who have retired to peaceful Cornwall to relive their childhood.  The serenity is short-lived, however, as postcards from a step-brother will vengeance on his mind start pouring in.

The narrative, though filled with tension, maintains a homey feel as it hinges on long-ago memories, old relatives, and quaint towns.  As one Goodreads reviewer puts it, “The beautiful country home that Ed and Billa share, the gardens, the funny dog stories…all are key to making this book a lovely one.”

Readers of Mary Higgins Clark, Jodi Picoult, and Nicholas Evans will find a kindred spirit in Willet.  If you’re looking for a sweet story with plenty of family drama, give it a go.

Thanks for reading! -Autumn

This title is available in large print, located in the marketplace downstairs.  Order it and others here.

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