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There’s something fascinating about geniuses that can’t seem to function in day-to-day interactions. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory can explain string theory in his sleep but finds small talk impossible; Sherlock Holmes of 221B Baker Street can solve crimes with a sideways glance but is daunted by the idea of a dinner party.  And now there’s Don Tillman, a brilliant and socially challenged genetics professor who has decided–according to his calculations–that it’s time to find love.

Love may be elusive, but we know how to go about finding it through social gatherings, dating, and the like.  Don, the main character is Graeme Simsion’s novel The Rosie Project, thinks this is too unscientific.  The solution?  A 16-page survey dubbed the “Wife Project” that categorically eliminates “unsuitable companions.”

Don is undeniably one of the funniest you’ll come across.  He doesn’t hang pictures in his house because his mind will soon stop registering them; he plans each and every meal to the gram; he thinks different ice cream flavors are “illogical.”  He’s quirky and unique and you just fall in annoying love with him instantly.

Turns out love is a bit more complicated than advanced statistics.  The book follows the inevitable high jinks that ensue as Don wreaks havoc in the dating realm, especially his interaction with Rosie, a woman that “fails” nearly every one of his survey questions. Sometimes, though, love can be found in the most illogical of places.

Give this book a go if you’re looking for a light, heartwarming read that will be sure to make you laugh.

Thanks for reading! -Autumn

This book is one of staff member Paula’s favorites. Find more of her suggestions here.

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