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Thrillers take on a whole new dimension when they enter the medical world.

New York Times-Bestselling author Robin Cook’s latest novel, Host, takes the reader through a chilling journey of mystery and suspense.  Lynn Peirce, the novel’s protagonist and a fourth-year medical student, thinks she can handle medicine until her boyfriend is admitted for routine surgery, only to be declared brain dead minutes later.

Peirce, knowing something is amiss, searches for answers.  Was a doctor at fault?  Was the surgery truly routine?  What she soon finds, however, is that her boyfriend is not alone; many patients have died in seemingly innocent circumstances in the exact same way.

Readers of Cook’s other novels will find many similarities, but this work stands out as more fast-paced than his previous stories.  Fans of both Stephen King and James Patterson will find something to like; it’s suspenseful, creepy, and guaranteed to keep you guessing.  The medical aspects are easy to understand, the characters easy to love, and the plot conspiracy easy to get swept up in.

Perhaps the best thing about the tension in this novel is that, while off the beaten path, some of the conspiracies could—very hypothetically—take place.  Reviewers on Goodreads and Novelist say the same thing again and again:  “I hope it doesn’t happen to me.”

If you’re looking for a thrilling novel with rich characters and larger-than-life enemies, check it out.

Thanks for reading. –Autumn


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