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Anecdotes of science often stick in our memory more than the science itself.  We don’t remember the equations that define gravity, but we can sure recount the story of an apple falling on Newton’s head.

Newton’s Apple and Other Myths about Science seeks not only to debunk myths, but to uncover why myths are so difficult to eradicate.    Twenty-seven legends are covered, starting with the scientific discoveries of ancient Greeks to anecdotes and assumptions many of the public still accept.  Did everyone believe Earth was flat until Columbus?  Was it fear that kept Darwin from publishing his findings right away?  Is there truly a dichotomy between religion and science?  And did an apple really fall on Newton’s head?

It’s easy to believe—and even hope—that some of these myths are true.  Even when it comes to hard facts, we still enjoy the story that comes along with the discovery.  The authors of Newton’s Apple reveal the truth, but somehow manage to explain reality while keeping the magic and wonder of discovery alive.

Each myth is handled in its own short essay (averaging about eight pages), so readers are free to jump around and choose the topics that strike their interest.  Love astronomy but hate genetics?  Read about Galileo and skip Mendel.  The sections are short enough, though, that unfamiliar topics can be introduced in an incredibly digestible way.

If you’re looking for a book that will both entertain and educate, pick up a copy.  Have children interested in learning more about science?  Just click here to tap into some great resources.

Thanks for reading. -Autumn

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