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It’s about to get cold.  Really coldAs great as Southern Illinois is, winter’s the season where I find myself, from time to time, wishing I was someplace else.  Picture it:  a sunny, Caribbean beach, waves lazily breaking against the sand, fresh pineapple on your tongue and a pile of your favorite books on your lap.  Or the skyline of New York, where the cold remains but rich culture and holiday adventures make the snowflakes a welcomed presence.  Or even England, the London landscape and lush countryside satisfying both your need of relaxation and craving for action.

It all sounds great, but fantasize about it long enough and logistics are bound to rear their heads.  Which is the best beach, and when should I go to avoid the crowds?  Of the thousands of pizzerias in New York, how am I to choose?  Will the exchange rate be better in the airport or at a private business?  How much is all this going to cost me?

That’s where Fodor’s Travel comes in.  The world’s most popular maker of travel guides, Fodor’s has covered over 300 destinations and produced over 440 books.  Chances are they’ve covered where you’re going—from Paris to St. Petersburg, South Africa to India, Disney World to Chicago, those worrying details that bog down a vacation—which is meant to be relaxing—are taken care of.

Each guide touches on just about every aspect of travel that you can imagine.  Restaurants are presented with the specifics of the menu, price, and location; both grand entertainment and free bargains are highlighted; the social expectations of tipping, using transportation, and communication are covered in detail.

What sets Fodor’s Travel apart, aside from its plethora of information, is that they thoroughly and personally know what they’re talking about.  The bulk of the guide comes not from internet research and analyzing data, but from human experience.  Fodor’s Travel employs over 700 researchers, whose only job is to experience the culture of the location and share their personal findings.  Because of this, specific dishes and places are recommended, little nuances are discovered, and your vacation gets a whole lot better.

Our library owns dozens of these guides—not to mention great fiction and nonfiction books to enjoy on the beach—so what’s holding you back?  Get travelling!

Thanks for reading. –Autumn

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