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No matter how your family celebrates the holidays, one aspect remains constant—food.  Whether you’re enjoying homemade cookies in the afternoon or comforting soup in the evening, what we bring to the table becomes just as much a part of the gathering as the people themselves.

We’ve all ran to the cookbook section of the library or bookstore, searching for the perfect recipe that will be talked about for many holidays to come.  Rarely, though, do we consider cookbooks a source of entertainment.  That’s where The Modern Family Cookbook steps in.  Using the television show as a guide, this cookbook offers dozens of recipes that capture the essence of the eclectic family.

Learn how to make Phil Dunphy’s malt waffles; enjoy Gloria’s carnitas al Diablo; get creative with Claire’s pesto shrimp pasta.  The recipes look delicious, but the notes in the margins are just as enjoyable.  Each entry comes with a snippet of dialog from the best moments in the show.  Pictures, info graphs, and quotes make it even better (“Is the salad burning?” Phil asks).  Since the dishes come from a wide range of cooking styles—Claire’s homemade dishes to Luke’s two or three ingredient creations—experienced and unexperienced cooks alike will find something they’ll enjoy.

If you enjoy The Modern Family Cookbook, there are other entertaining options out there—cocktails inspired by Mad Men, elegant dishes from Downton Abbey, and even Wookie Cookies from Star WarsWhatever you cook this holiday season, and whoever you gather around the table with, take this book’s advice—“Come for the food, stay for the fun.”

Thanks for reading. –Autumn

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