what if.
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From what height would you need to drop a steak for it to be cooked when it hit the ground?  What if everyone jumped at the same time on Earth?  What if a rainstorm dropped all its water in one gigantic drop?

We’ve all asked these sorts of questions, but the answer usually received is an eye roll from the friend who knows “hypothetically speaking…” should be your middle name.  Randall Munroe, a former NASA roboticist and current comic creator, decided enough was enough.  He had enough scientific knowledge to discover the answers to some of these ridiculous questions and, goodness, he was determined to share his findings with the world.comic 3

That’s what What If is: the proven answers to the public’s most ludicrous wonderings.  Unlike many theoretical books, What If is full of witty humor, hilarious (and sometimes irrelevant) comics, and absurdly accurate information.

O’Fallon Library owns six copies of this book, as well as the audio and electronic versions; opting for the audio-book means missing the drawings but offers the great voice of Will Wheaton, not to mention great conversation starters for road trips.   Any option, though, is bound to give you something fun to talk about during your next date, over lunch, or with your friends and family.comic 2.PNG

Give it a go.  And, if you enjoy Munroe’s sense of humor, check out more of his comics on his website.

Thanks for reading.  –Autumn

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