More Renovation News: 25 out of 26 new windows have been installed. They still need framing, Dryvit (a stucco looking material), to be cleaned, and painted with an antifungal to stop the mold from growing back. This is a problem in walls facing north in this area of the country and gives the wall a streaked look when viewed from a distance. This work will be completed before the weather turns cold for good.

All the beams have been painted on the first floor and, although much works still needs to be done, the Library is hoping to allow patrons use of more of the first floor soon.

The steps are also in the process of being renovated. By the end of the project, the stairs will be painted like classic book spines! Once they are safe to use, patrons will be given access to them again. They are much quicker than waiting for elevator so everyone is very excited for that development.

The front entrance floor was patched, leveled and a mat was installed. This is a new type of entrance mat and will, hopefully, take more dirt off your shoes as you enter the Library. In addition to the new design, it extends further into the Library than the previous mat did.

Hopefully overall progress will pick up now that the windows are in. Keeping the building open and needed Library materials and equipment available has been a challenge for everyone. The staff is as anxious as the patrons to get the project finished!

On the bright side, you can still access the full catalog on the Library’s website. Ordering books and other materials from the convenience of your home computer or handheld device has never been easier. The quiet room upstairs is now open for use. We’re definitely moving in the right direction.

According to Adult Services Manager Ryan Johnson, “Did you know your library is part of a statewide system covering close to 500 libraries and 28,000 square miles? This means you have access to millions of items, far more than what any single library can hold on its own. If there is something you want, 99% of the time we can track it down and get it for you….at no extra charge. Most requests arrive in as little as 2 to 5 days. We then contact you via email, text or phone call to let you know your item is ready. Because of this massive sharing system between libraries, you have broader access and shorter wait for the things you want.

You can also conveniently manage your library account from home. Browse the catalog, place requests, check due dates, and more by simply signing into My Account on the library’s homepage. You can, of course, always stop in or give us a call and we’ll be more than glad to assist you.”

~Molly Scanlan

Library Director Molly Scanlan

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