Diary of a Desk-less Librarian: Day 52

Renovation News

Have you stopped by the library lately?  There have been some big changes!

Most of the books, movies, and the computers are now upstairs.  There is full access to the Non-Fiction, Fiction, Large Print, Audio books, and Young Adult collections.  Thank you for your patience during the transition.

We have new carpet, new wall paint, a glass wall enclosing the mezzanine, so much new!

The downstairs is now a bit of a mess, but we’re making progress.

See video (above) of the downstairs at the Library.

The music CDs, parent/teacher materials, and magazines are still limited in their availability but we will let you know as soon as these are fully accessible.

Back to School

The kids and big kids 🙂 are back in school.  There are so many online resources that students can use from the Library. Click on the links to see what’s available! Automotive | Business and Investing | Consumer Reports | Foreign Language | Genealogy | Kids and Teachers | Medical Information | Newspapers | Testing and Career Development

Search all of our digital resources in one easy step with the main search bar tool on our webpage (ofpl.info).  Click on the small arrow beside the Search box and choose the blue Databases button.

Simple & easy! Save time on research.
Simple & easy! Save time on research.

Story times for Children

During the month of September (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th at 10:30am) the O’Fallon Public
Library in conjunction with the First National Bank of Waterloo (O’Fallon Banking Center,
104 Regency Park) is hosting a weekly story time for children. There will be reading, activities, and snacks!


To close on a personal note, the Desk-less Librarian has another temporary desk. In the temporary computer room, we have painted the walls with erasable marker paint and I’ve been asked to create a library themed doodle each week.  It’s been so much fun to stretch my creative abilities on the job.  Usually, my work is based more around more concrete things like scholarly research and helping people to find books.

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything that you need. -Cicero
If you have a garden and a library, you have everything that you need. -Cicero
Keep Calm and Carry Your Library Card
Keep Calm and Carry Your Library Card

Hope to see you soon and happy reading.

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