Another Place You’ve Never Been, by Rebecca Kauffman

It’s so gratifying to happen upon a hypnotic book by a first time novelist such as Another Place You’ve Never Been by Rebecca Kauffman.  This New Title Tuesday selection is a non-assuming little treasure that both breaks your heart for the characters’ loneliness as well as smile at the common denominator that is ordinary life. … Continue reading Another Place You’ve Never Been, by Rebecca Kauffman

Case Histories, by Kate Atkinson

  Kate Atkinson has ten bestselling books, but for this week’s Five Star Friday selection, I’ve returned to an old favorite, Case Histories, that introduced cop-turned-private investigator the adorably irritable Jackson Brodie. True to mystery form, Brodie’s tough exterior covers a hurt and haunted heart.  He’s eking out a living in Cambridge with cases that range … Continue reading Case Histories, by Kate Atkinson