Speed Readers: Running Club

On Saturday, December 19 at 9am, the O’Fallon Pubic Library will launch a new and unique program: The Speed Readers: Running Club.

This club will meet at the library every other Saturday. You can get more nuts and bolts details about the club on the Speed Readers Event Page.

This post, however, is about the inspiration and vision for the club.  We want this club to be the most welcoming place for a new runner (or new athlete for that matter) to get started.  You will be challenged, but you will not be judged.  If you can’t run 100 yards without stopping, that’s ok.  If you can’t run and chat and the same time, that’s fine too.

The goal of the group is to build community, provide encouragement, and foster support as we each strive to meet our personal goals (that’s right, goals!).   Each member, with the help of a running specialist who is co-leading this program, will set individual short-term and long-term goals.  Perhaps you want to run a 5k?  Maybe a 10K?  Maybe eventually something longer?  Where ever you are on your fitness journey, we’ll help you get someplace new.

Along the way we will be discussing a number of books, and not all of them will be simply about running.  Books often inspire us.  They help us persevere, and give us perspective.  Think about it…as you are struggling up an incline in the final stretch of your first 5k, you can be be thankful that at least you aren’t trapped in a life boat, lost at sea with the tiger named Richard Parker (that’s a Life of Pi reference…).

Even if you don’t consider yourself a true beginner, we encourage you to attend.  The runs and meetings will be structured in a way to accommodate individuals across a wide spectrum.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thanks for reading,



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